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Automated Toll Reimbursement
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Account Request

Step 1

Determine a Principal e-mail address that will receive all the important information about Toll Reimbursements and be the address of record to make any changes to your account. We recommend that you do not change this address in the future. Change in the Principal e-mail address will require a revalidation.

Step 2

Enter the Principal e-mail address, a first name, a last name and a company name (if applicable) on this page. Click the Submit button and an e-mail will be created and sent to our processing center.

Step 3

When our processing center receives your e-mail, the initial request will be processed and an e-mail will be returned to the Principal e-mail address. The return e-mail will include a secure link and additional instructions for completing the online account creation process. This request system is designed to protect your vital business information. You have only a few more steps to complete and you will begin to receive Toll Reimbursements. To read more about the next steps please review the GCT Tolls FAQ's

Account Request

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